The precast frame without collar beams of KUB-2.5 structural system can be used for construction of all types of urban structures in different climate conditions: residential and administrative buildings, buildings of social, cultural and household purpose, multistory garages/parkings, warehouses, some industrial buildings (12 m span). >>

The basis of KUB-2.5 structural system is the original joint of two main elements – a floor slab abd a column. The column is connested with the reinforcement frame of the floor slab by menas of an insert – a steel manacle tring of a special structure >>

KUB-2.5 structural system is highly industrialized due to high readiness of its prefabricated elements. All elements are manufactured at precast factories. Prefabrication system applied in KUB-2.5 system allows to transfer the labour work to the shop conditions thus reducing risks for environment and human factors significantly. >>

KUB-2.5 reinforced concrete structures are very rational and optimal due to structural solutions. Rationality is caused with well-thought structural solutions which envisage minimal quality of construction materials (steel and concrete) and labour force. >>