LLC KUB-stroy provides with full range of services in design of buildings and structures of any complexity usig KUB-2.5 structural system frame without collar beams.


The COmpany performs as a main designer and also implements seperate stages of design works including:

  • Project report;
  • Site layout scheme;
  • Architectural solutions;
  • Structural and layout solutions;
  • Data on engineering equipment, engineering and technical networks, list of engineering and technical works containing technological solutions:

        –  power supply system, 
        –  water supply system,
        –  water removal systems,
        –  heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks,
        –  communication networks,
        –  gas supply system,
        –  technological solutions.

  • Construction Arrangement Design;
  • Arrangement Design on demolition or disassembling of Capital Projects;
  • List of measures for enviromental protection engineering;
  • Measures for provision wiht fire safety;
  • Measures for provision with physically challenged people access;
  • Author supervision.

Besides being a right holder, LLC KUB-sistem provides with a sub-license on the right to use the invention protected with the patent of the Russian Federation, ans also with the technical documentation of KUB-2.5 structural system frame without collar beams.